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Our Story

I.El Habrouk Architects was established in 2005 in Mohandeseen, Giza. We create a compelling variety of works spanning architecture, landscape, interior design and urban planning and design. Our speciality is residential and community-based projects.

We proudly state that our work is unique, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. In our work, we scrutinize our choices of materials, methods, and measurements. We work hard to study and understand the options and implications of the processes and products we select. Our decisions impact not only ourselves and our clients, but also our community and our planet. Because our potential impact on our community and the environment is large, we choose to be as responsible as we can in our approach.

We are happiest to challenge ourselves and witness the rewards. We thus strive to find work that satisfies us. This particular type of work serves to sustain us, our employees, our families and our community. Our success comes from our adherence to design and business operations that focus on process and communication. The process we utilize defines and organizes the diverse aspects of design and architecture, so that the creative potential of each project is maximized.

Excellent communication is a requirement for an excellent design; this includes the many combinations of interaction between all those who work on our projects including designers, clients, building workers, consultants, and building officials. We work around the clock until we achieve the optimum designs.
Projects Done


We seek to maintain a sustainable practice of sustainable design with outstanding designs that satisfy our clients and ourselves.


We see architecture as an ever-growing being where our impact has consequences. Only our designs make us stand out.


O ur goal is to make sure the customer gets the best design that meets their requirements, needs and hopes.